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For a more general introduction, go to my Home Page.
On mindfulness, see mindfulness practice or insight (vipassana) meditation.
See also, relatedly, on Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapies.
For more on The Far Shore, including some selections and reviews, go to The Far Shore directory.
And, similarly, for more on The Inner Palace, go to The Inner Palace directory.

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Much of my background is in the realm of psychotherapy (individual, marital, and family therapy), part is in academic (university-level) teaching, and some concerns my published texts and other writings.

For more on the first, with a focus on professional organizations and therapy listings about my practice available on the web, let me begin with the site indicating recognition as a Clinical Member of the AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy), The AAMFT Therapist Locator Page, which is a referral service for therapists around the country (the U.S.A.), scrolling to the bottom of that page and doing a search for my last name there, or by going to Clinical Member of the AAMFT: Mitchell Ginsberg.

My listing with the ATP (Association for Transpersonal Psychology) can similarly be found by a search for my name at The Association for Transpersonal Psychology Listing of Professional Members.

My listing with Psychology Today appears at Psychology Today Professionals: Mitchell Ginsberg.

All of these provide referrals to psychotherapy and psychotherapists not only in the San Diego area of California, but elsewhere, and may be of use to those of you reading this who live in other areas.

Second, concerning my academic background, see information provided at the IUPS Faculty Resume of Mitchell Ginsberg, Ph.D.

And third, for some my background oriented to the context of my writing, see About the author (in pdf format).

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